Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Holly & Gareth ❤ Alternative Wedding Photography

Holly & Gareth were married at the beautiful Cave Castle Hotel in South Cave, near Hull.

It was wall-to-wall awesome. I arrived to find Holly, her bridesmaids and her lovely mum adding the finishing touches to the decorations, hanging homemade pompoms and balls of wool from the windows of the ceremony room. In the next room the tables were set-up ready for later in the day, covered in personal touches and DIY details. I especially loved how the tables were named after important couples in Holly & Gareth's lives. A lot of my favourite details were DIY, in fact - I still can't believe Holly made her beautiful and intricate brooch bouquet herself! 

It was a day that managed to be heartfelt and emotional while kicking all kinds of ass. Here's a selection of their photos to give you a feel of what it was like: 

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