Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lisa & Ric

When Lisa and Ric emailed me about their wedding I was at my friends' house and I was so amazed I had to read it out loud:

"World War 2 jeeps"
"Cricket club"
"Candy Anthony Dress"
"Vintage crockery and Pimms reception"
"Old fish and chip tram"
"Gramophone DJ!"
"You're kidding, right? Is that even a thing?"
"For real!"
"Best. Wedding. Ever."

And it was amazing!


  1. That wedding looks wonderful! And lovely pictures, too, of course.

  2. Zoe miss bake-a-boo17 September 2011 at 02:50

    I'm so touched to see my book (bake-a-boo bakery cookbook) being posed with by this fabulous bride. This is probably the wedding I would create, and I just ooohed and ahhhed all the way through these pics. Would love the bride to get in touch with bake-a-boo and come and have afternoon tea with us!! xx

  3. Hi Zoe, Glad you like the photo!
    I love the book, and would absolutley love to have afternoon Tea with you guys! xx

  4. Oh wow! What fabulous photos and amazing looking wedding. I love the bride's dress and hat :D

    Wishing Lisa and Ric every happiness x

  5. Love love love these photos. The bride is so beautiful and seems absolutely awesome! And I love that she's taller than her groom too ;)

  6. Oh that looks like a day to remember! Fantastic wedding, and lovely photos Hannah. I love the one with the bride and bridesmaids lying down, sweetness!


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