Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ali & Josh

When Ali & Josh first contacted me about shooting their wedding at Peterborough Cathedral, I must admit that while I was very excited, I was also pretty terrified about doing it. I worried about how I would cope with the light, the traditions and the sheer scale of a cathedral wedding. But I accepted the challenge, because when you shoot a wedding there's always a bit of fear involved. Before I shot my first I worried about whether I could do it at all: I didn't sleep, I couldn't eat, all I could think about was f-stops and worst case scenarios but when it came to the day itself, I took a deep breath and I got on with it and it turned out that I loved it more than I could have imagined it the height of my "can I do this?" panicking.

Ali & Josh's wedding was wonderful, not just the epic cathedral ceremony but the warm, handmade village hall party and barn dance that followed. Everything was thought through and there was always something for guests to do, from feasting on fish and chips to table football to trying their luck on the coconut shy. Even the bus they hired was the same number bus they used to catch to get home in London. It was beautiful, not just because it looked great, but because it all meant something.

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  1. WOW! What an incredible church and dress and details and bus and balloons and well, everything! And yet another stunning set of images. These are just awesome! x


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