Tuesday, 20 April 2010

20th April 2010 - Baby Snapshots in Peli Deli

"The first of many trips to Peli Deli" I cooed at my housemate's week-old nephew.

I may just have a mini-gush about the Peli Deli for a moment. Tasty food, lovely people (who let me put some of my business cards out - hurrah!) and generally ace atmosphere. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone, if you find yourself in Wirksworth or Matlock you should definitely pop in. We spend a lot of time there as my housemate and I are coffee fiends.

Anyway, I met this adorable baby today and I'll hopefully be doing a "proper" shoot with him and his sister in a few weeks

Personal favourites so far

I don't intend to clog up this blog with loads of posts about old photos so I'm getting this out of the way. Here are some recent pictures that I am most proud of. My full portfolio can be viewed on my flickr account .

So, with those out of the way I will now be posting about new photos, shoots and experiences. I can't wait!

Monday, 19 April 2010

About Me

The first camera I had was plastic and primary coloured and as big as my face with chunky buttons. That's not it in that photo, that appears to be some sort of ice cream tub boat that my five-year old self doesn't appear to be that pleased with. I was never any good at making things with my hands or drawing. I had some success with photos though. That first camera clicked through rolls of film swiftly, the rotating number dial always reaching its 24 exposure limit too quickly. When I grew out of My First Camera I went for disposables and tried and failed to make them last longer than a day each.

Then when I was a teenager my mum kindly bought me my first digital camera. Oh the excitement - 3 mega pixels! Photos on a computer! Printed out on A4 paper (complete with yellow lines from a faulty inkjet printer) just like that! I loved it. I even took it to school with me. That camera was barely ever out of reach and documented a number of my teenage years. When it eventually tragically broke I bought my next camera - my Fujifilm FinePix S5500. When I bought it I knew basically nothing about photographic techniques but over the years that I used the S5500 I slowly discovered manual focus and shutterspeed. I took pictures of fire spinners and thought I was the bees knees.

And so it was that photography was a hobby I enjoyed. I took lots of photos of friends, the official photographer of our parties and days out. I charted my son's first years thoroughly.

My next camera was my Canon Powershot G9, another step up but frustratingly limited. I understood a lot more about photography by this point and I wanted something bulky, with a big lens I could twizzle.

And so that brings me to now, taking photography seriously with a camera as big as my face with chunky buttons.

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