Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Camera Explorer - London Edition - Mega City Comics Camden (and thoughts on being home)

Longest blog post title EVER, right?

So I've been a Bad Blogger lately, weeks since my last update and all! I do have reason for this but first, on a not wholly unrelated note allow me to introduce you to Mega City Comics.

Mega-City Comics, Camden

I love comic book shops and this one is pretty much perfect! Stacks and stacks of comics and graphic novels, collectables, t shirts, posters and amazing colours everywhere while having a dark, cosy feel. It's somewhere to browse and want and buy and enjoy which is about all I look for in a shop, really.

Mega City Comics - Camden

Mega City Comics - Camden

Mega City Comics - Camden

Mega City Comics can be found at

18 Inverness Street,
Camden Town,

about a minute away from Camden Town tube station and is open 7 days a week.


And now, thoughts on being home.

I recently had an internship with a very successful fashion photographer in London (who shall remain nameless). Sufficed to say I learned a great deal, good and bad about the fashion photography industry. In many ways it reinforced what I already knew about my own goals in photography. I was reminded of how highly I value honesty, integrity, creativity and passion by observing these qualities (or lack of them, in some cases) in the photographer I worked with. 

Another thing I was reminded of is how much I love where I live. Derbyshire has been my home now for almost eight years and I must confess I came over all Frodo Baggins when I had been away for a few weeks. I love to travel and I enjoyed the thrill of being in the city but I pined for the shire and my inner hobbit is glad to be home.

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