Saturday, 10 July 2010

Camera Explorer - AiRR Clothing

So, it's been an exciting time at Hannah Millard Photography HQ (otherwise known as my sofa). First of all I had a huge box of printed items delivered including a great big banner advertising my wedding photography, for wedding fayres and markets and so on. It's bigger than me. Remind me to take a silly picture illustrating that soon. I also got a free Hannah Millard Photography pen which is great, I love pens and lose them constantly. Surely I'll be able to keep this one? There are also some greetings cards and so on that I am going to try and find a place for in some local shops (this would make a nice segway into today's Camera Explorer post but there'smoreexcitementfirst. Maybe I'll find another smooth link into it shortly...)

The other exciting thing is that due to a potentially brain-meltingly exciting email I received yesterday I have to be in London first thing Monday morning. I love going to London. I'll eat yummy food and demonstrate utter mastery of public transport. Maybe I'll buy a new pen. It'll be great.

Before I go, however, I have to find a smart, cool outfit and I am intending to go out and make some headway with that this afternoon. And, here comes the smooth link to today's Camera Explorer, luckily I have this shop pretty much on my doorstep:

Seamless link there, right?

AiRR Clothing opened in the last couple of weeks and it's absolutely lovely, as is the lady that runs it.
Hopefully we'll be working together on a fashion shoot soon, which is another exciting thing!

What's also exciting is that I am now about thirty seconds walk away from a shop that sells People Tree clothing as well as some other excellent brands (such as John Smedley and Crewe Clothing). Oh, pink and orange checkered dress - you shall be mine! Ditto stripy dress. Ditto pretty cardigan. Ditto... well, need I continue?

There's a great selection of menswear as well as womenswear and a selection of jewellery all laid out beautifully. It makes a perfect addition to Wirksworth's collection of independent local shops.

AiRR is located on Market Place in Wirksworth and opens 9.30-5.00 every day except Sundays and Bank Holidays when it opens 11.00-4.00

The full set of photographs can be viewed on my flickr here.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Camera Explorer - Bow @ the Printworks

This is the first post of a new feature on my blog! *insert mildly underwhelming fanfare/confetti bomb here*

I have been wanting to do this for a while. I absolutely love finding little shops, cafes and other amazing places and there is a wealth of them in my local area. From time to time I'll nip into places and take a few pictures of the things I find there and I thought that, seeing as I'm doing that anyway, I would write a little guide to the places I love.

So, without further waffling I'd like to introduce you to Bow @ the Printworks.

Tucked away on Cromford's Scarthin promenade Bow @ the Printworks is a miniature haven for shabby chic accessories, vintage crockery, soaps, gifts and more. Want a teapot birdhouse? Look no further. I came away with a lovely mug and some keepsakes for popping in the post with wedding contracts. I was heavily tempted by some travel journals and Cath Kidston letter paper and.. well, most things actually.

Google-based research tells me that you can also buy things online.

The final photos can be found here (flickr) or view all of them here (facebook).

Bow @ the Printworks
The Old Printing Works

Opening hours:
Wednesday-Saturday 10-6
Sunday 12-6

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