Saturday, 5 March 2011

Nicola & Steve

The most terrifying part of my job is after I've edited all the photos and handed over the usb stick to the newly-weds and before they've looked at them and told me what they think. The photos are out of my hands and I panic, what if they don't like them? 

Here is a selection of pictures from Steve and Nicola's gorgeous wedding:

Nicola & Steve sneak peeks

Nicola & Steve sneak peeks

Nicola & Steve sneak peeks

Nicola & Steve sneak peeks

It was wonderful! Fun and moving and beautifully presented and once I handed over the photos I could only hope that I had done it justice.

I had an email from Nicola and Steve last night, they wrote
Can not thank you enough. Just perfect. Would recommend you and your photographic skills to anyone. Polite, understanding and very professional at all times.
Thanks again
Steve & Nicola x

What a great way to start a busy year of wedding photography!

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