Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Becky & Dave

Becky & Dave's wedding was the first of my big summer adventures this year. An epic billion (rough estimate) hours on the train and I found myself in unchartered territory for me: Cornwall. It's somewhere I've always wanted to go there and to get the chance to photograph Becky and Dave's cliff top wedding was too good to be true. It was the combined efforts of their friends and family that made it an exceptional wedding. Practically everything was either handmade or sourced locally and, when they found themselves with a marquee to decorate a whole 12 hours later than they expected, everyone pitched in in the pitch black (plus a little head lamp light) to get it done in time. It was definitely a sign of how well loved (and rightly so, for they are lovely) Becky and Dave are. I think I spent most of the time just stood gawping at the detail, the weather and oh, that landscape but I did remember I was there for a reason! So, here's a selection of their photos:

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