Friday, 13 May 2011

Portrait Session - Laura Jane Williams

Laura and I are fated never to be friends. We were in the same year at uni, with the same love of theatre and writing. I was studying joint honours and she was studying single honours, so we never had a lecture together. Second year came, I switched to single honours and she switched to joint. Our paths crossed once or twice. Then she went to America for half the year. She finally returned to Derby, just as I left uni. She had lectures with some of my best friends and they recognised each other from photos on my website. I wrote a story that was in a compilation of writing which was published as a result of her skill and determination. She's rarely in the same place for too long and in about a week she'll be off on her travels again.

To this date I can count the number of times that I have met Laura on my hands. Possibly one hand. I frequently forget this, I feel like I know Laura and I know enough to like and respect her enormously. She writes a fantastic blog which charts her adventures and misadventures with honesty that is simultaneously charming and terrifying. I thoroughly recommend it, though it does contain (as the VHS warnings used to say) some sexy scenes. Consider yourself warned.

Months and months ago I suggested we do a shoot together and it's taken us this long to get around to it. As long as we've been talking about doing it, I have pictured something involving balloons and every time I thought about it, I pictured balloons. Red ones. I felt inspired by Laura's wanderlustful ways. So, after taking the above images, Laura indulged me by getting some red helium balloons and these pictures happened.

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  1. LOVE these :) Looks like you had a blast! Awesome work Hannah.


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