Friday, 20 May 2011

Portrait Session - Hannah Stevenson

There are times when being self employed can be pretty damn lonely. Usually around the tenth consecutive hour of photo editing, when I should have taken a screen break eight hours ago. When I should have eaten at least twice already. When I should have gotten some fresh air at regular intervals. Someone asks me how work is going and all I can answer is "good" because if I allow myself even another word, it'll turn into forty-five minutes of waffling on about f/stops or actions or something or other. Or I'll be worried about social networking, frustrated because the internet is going slow, my computer's overheating, my eyes are aching. I forget how to talk about other things like a normal person who doesn't take their work home with them, whose home isn't their workplace and whose working hours don't regularly consist of however long is possible before involuntarily falling asleep on the keyboard. When I have tried to explain it to people, it comes across like I must hate it. I don't. I love my job, completely. At least a small part of that is knowing that actually - I'm not alone. In the past few months I have had the privilege of meeting up with, email & tweet some awesome people in a similar position to myself. Other photographers, wedding suppliers, bloggers... they have become a lifeline to me. When I first got into the wedding industry I was afraid that everyone would be aggressive or territorial but there is an abundance of warm and charming folks working behind the scenes and (to my great comfort) a lot of them understand how I feel in that (otherwise lonely) tenth consecutive hour.

This is all a long winded way of explaining how thrilled I was to meet the talented Hannah Stevenson  yesterday, after emailing and messaging back and forth. When I offered her a portrait session for photos she could use on her website she agreed and (after coffee, cake and much photography chatter) I took these photos. It was great fun and Hannah has the most ridiculously perfect eyebrows I have ever seen in my life. And an awesome first name, obviously.


  1. WOW! I did miss this post :) Stunning as always!

  2. Incredible photos! And what a beauty that Hannah is. X


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