Saturday, 8 October 2011

Wedding Preview - Emily & George

Wowsers! I just got home from Emily & George's beautiful wedding in Baslow church and Hassop Station Bookshop. It was utterly adorable and brilliant fun and I'll tell you more about it soon but for now, here's a preview!


  1. Oh I grew up in Baslow! But that is not important... woah what a gorgeous wedding! These two have serious style! Love the balloons! And the pictures, well they're just perfect! x

  2. Love. And I must know where the Bridesmaids got their shoes. x

  3. I *think* they might have been from Topshop or, at least, they came out of Topshop shoe boxes. They are BEAUTIFUL.

    Thanks for the comments ladies x x x

  4. Beautiful as ever Hannah. I'm in love with this wedding and find myself wishing that the happy couple were my friends so I could have been there.

  5. This couple are my friends and I was unable to be there!! these photos are FANTASTIC! Beautiful, evocatic images of wonderful people....


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