Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Farenheit Quartet (In which I reveal why I'll never be a cinematographer)

Farenheit are a fan-bloody-tastic acapella singing group here in Derbyshire. These guys love performing, whether it's at a wedding, a birthday party, a concert... you name it. The other day they decided to give busking a go and I inadvertently went along for the ride, camera in tow.

We started off in Peli Deli (can I just say, their chocolate & beetroot cake... amazeballs!) and then embarked on an all-singing adventure on the bus to Masson Mills, Matlock Bath and Matlock.

There are several reasons why these guys are great at what they do:

1) They sang on a bus. A BUS. Even when we all sort of fell over. Just for the joy of singing.
2) They have that rare knack that when they start to sing, whether it be on the bus or in a cafe or out on the street, everyone stops to listen.
3) Singing outdoors with no amplification is really bloody hard to do, especially when you factor in killer sunshine, random passers by and a heck of a lot of traffic noise (motorbikes of Matlock Bath, I'm looking at you).
4) They sing great songs, whether you want a vintage feel or something more up to date. Glee's got nothing  on these guys. I hope we get to do a wedding together at some point.
5) They're great fun but they're also exceptionally hard working and passionate about what they do. For the audience this translates as big grins, hairs standing up on the back of necks and mumblings of "I'm-not-crying-there's-just-a-bit-of-dust-in-my-eye..."

But, don't take my word for it! You see I also made a couple of videos while I was stalking accompanying them. Shaky camera work, falling over on the bus and drifting in and out of focus aside I hope it gives you some idea of how ace these guys are.

Farenheit Quartet from hannah millard on Vimeo.

To get in touch with Farenheit you can visit their website and pop them an email.

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