Saturday, 11 June 2011

Model Shots - Naomi

I don't know where to start, writing about Naomi.

Her first proper shoot and she absolutely nailed it. She was really positive and excited about the shoot throughout, even when a group of school boys latched onto us in pursuit of her phone number. She was still focussed and pulled off some ace shots despite them hassling her slightly out of frame.

It was also one of those times when I knew absolutely that we were reading from the same page, we had the same ideas about poses and looks and it took next to no direction to get exactly the shots I had in mind and some that exceeded my expectations. She worked really well with the backdrop, totally getting the mood that it called for and settling into shots really quickly when we changed locations. She gave me so much to work with, from the very first frame. Look, you get the picture - it was amazing and in my opinion she's a natural talent as well as being a lovely girl with a cracking sense of humour (and the same pair of shoes as me.) So, enough waffle - it's time for the photos!

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