Sunday, 10 April 2011

And then the real work began.

So, like many a photographer I spent the last two nights enthralled by Creative Live and the workshop run by Jasmine Star. I drank wine, I ate copious bags of crisps and I scrawled virtually illegible notes (I wish I had nice, neat, colour coded notes but I'm afraid my ever-deteriorating hand doesn't deserve fancy gel pens.) I also cried a fair bit.

I cried because it made me face some of the problems I've been running from/putting off because I am over-worked as it is. I cried because I didn't feel alone in my worries and my stresses and the silly things that I wonder when I'm trying to figure out what to do next. I cried because I know that my business is going to be better for watching it, and I beat myself up for not being able to do that on my own. Isn't that ridiculous? I have no formal photography or business training, Of course I need guidance. My son is not home-schooled so why should my business be?

My business is less than a year old but I need to stop using that as an excuse to put off working for more. Yes, there is time for things to grow and develop, but I have to make sure it's going in the right direction and that starts right now. When I was starting out, I wasn't sure if it was possible to get to where I am now, to be regularly booking weddings and other paid work. I wasn't even sure if I was heading in the direction of success at all and as such, I didn't really think ahead to what kind of success I wanted, what kind of photographer I was going to become. Now, almost a year after taking the scariest first steps of my life, I have learned a great deal about who I am, with or without a camera in my hand and the decisions I made when I wasn't even sure I could do it just don't cut it any more. I've found out that I have a lot to offer and I need to present that better.

The Creative Live seminar has made me stop and evaluate where I have come from, where I am and where I am going with my business. I am pleased with what I've done but in order to make the most of my passion and hard work, I need to make a few changes.

Sorry Sunday sunshine, I'd love to come out and play but I've got a business to grow.



  1. I was also glued to my computer all of Friday and Saturday night watching her amazingness, and I have to say that if there is one thing you should take from it is that yes, you might not be where you want to be, and yes you can always do more work for it, but you CAN do it! Have the belief in yourself to know that you will be okay and that you can succeed. Don't be disheartened yet, you're only one year in- take on what she has said and by the time you are 5 years in like she is, you will just as amazing as her! You can do it!!

  2. Nice to share something in common: Jasmin & photography. You must be doing something right, your baby is growing. Congratulations!


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