Saturday, 4 September 2010

Writing about Love

A number of years ago I rented a Belle and Sebastian CD from a library. I liked the cover art and one of my best friends banged on about them all the time so I thought, what the heck - 50p for a week. I'm not a music journalist so I'll spare you a review, sufficed to say that I've loved Belle and Sebastian ever since. I even used one of their lyrics in a previous blog post.

When the 'Write about Love' photo competition came up I was excited to take part. We spent a morning cutting and sticking and the end result was this:
Write About Love

Through the competition I discovered so many talented people. I particularly adore the work of this lady (sorry, this post is link-tastic) who is not only hugely talented but thoroughly lovely and I hope to keep in touch with her despite geographical impediments! Last night she contacted me to point me in the direction of this (yes, another link!).

"Our winners come from Germany and Indonesia, the USA and Brazil. But our first prize goes to an English lady, Hannah Millard.
 She came up with the idea of hanging the letters from her washing line, and is pictured with her son, in the back courtyard of her house in Derbyshire. Fab composition, simple idea, fab colours, and just a nice ‘feel’ to it. My favourite picture! First prize!"
I really couldn't be more surprised or delighted!

It's a lovely end to a great summer - my son's last summer before he goes to school. I feel sad to see the summer and that part of his life come to a close but I know we have a lot to look forward to.

With this celebratory post out of the way normal service will now resume! Expect plenty of exciting exploring, weddings, bands and more news soon!


  1. Love the photo Hannah - inspired X x x

  2. Ooooof, now this is something to shout about :)


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